The Spirited Heart    
Healing Minds, Bodies, and Spirits               One At A Time                                 One Day At A Time

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Mission Statement

The Mission of The Spirited Heart is to Educate, Empower and to help connect individuals to their True Self, find the Power of Spirit in their everyday lives, and to help heal Minds, Bodies and Spirits, One at a Time, One Day at a Time.

In this light we are offering a new and exciting program in tandem with our Campaign for Humanity.

Our fantastic and unique new program is two-fold:


Vision Statement

Using our abilities and training in the healing arts, we now provide multi-faceted services within an appropriate and healing environment, therefore assisting people to create a better connection to their True and Inner Selves, as well as Spirit, helping them to heal however they require it, and further offer them clarity, joy and a stronger purpose in their everyday lives.

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